about me

I was introduced to Arizona in the summer of 1957 when our family was transferred here with my father's job transfer with the Center of Disease control (CDC).  He was assigned to Arizona as a Federal Health employee as an epidemic investigator and worked his way up to a department head.  My mother had her degree in teaching and quickly became a community activist in our east Phoenix neighborhood of Arcadia.  Growing up, I quickly learned that life and career centered on helping others and contributing to the community.  Thus, my choice eventually to become a teacher lead me into certifications in K-12 education encompassing a number of subject areas; special education, English as Second Language education, and school counseling. 

The common theme was the health, safety, and environmental issues that caused continuous health problems in our communities.  Through these concerns I became involved in environmental causes and saving open space in my communities, beginning with the McDowell Mountain Preservation Area and culminating in the purchase of Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area in the foothills. 

During the summers, while my two sons were growing up, we volunteered for the U.S. Forest Service on the White River National Forest in Colorado.  All this has lead me to where I am today, running as a Democratic, Clean Elections Candidate for the Arizona Corporation Commission. The goal, based on former experience, is to Build a Sustainable Future for Arizona.


The paths to achieving sustainable outcomes, to benefit the entire community are rarely smooth.  Progress is possible with specific goals, policy, and laws.  The ability to form working relationships with all stakeholders through flexibility and perseverance will result in positive networks and outcomes.  Sadly, we have those in position of power that are only concerned with their personal gain, narrow outcomes and have little concern for those they are elected to serve.

What sets me apart is I am not a career politician, I am a mom, teacher, community member and a working individual, much like the majority of Arizona residents.  The hardworking individuals and families of this State deserve representation with their best interest in mind.  My goal is not for personal profit or gain, or work for corporate monopoly interests.  We, ordinary people, have extraordinary power in our ability to nominate, support, and elect individuals to office who have the community's best interests in mind.

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